Adult Scarf Bib - Grey Linen/Cotton
Adult Scarf Bib - Grey Linen/Cotton
Adult Scarf Bib - Grey Linen/Cotton

Adult Scarf Bib - Grey Linen/Cotton

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Our first style to be made in Australia! Made by a social enterprise business which is all inclusive giving everyone, no matter what background, an opportunity to use their skills.

Based on our new philosophy to try & move all our products to be made in Australia, we will be slowly increasing our prices.

You may notice we have continued to use our old sew in labels that say made in China so that we don't add to landfill but the awesome news is the bib was actually made in Melbourne.

We're all about transparency as we try to create a better product every time we design something new.

If you would like further details please contact us directly.... 

Thanks for your ongoing support
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A fashionable scarf with quick drying & absorbent backing. The simple design makes the Bibulous scarf bib easy to put on & take off.

A great option for the style conscious adults who drool or get into a mess when eating.

Designed to keep the chest dry & protect clothes.

The absorbent & quick drying backing conceals drool & is comfortable to wear. The outer is is made from premium durable linen.

The scarf bib provides the same function as a bib but is age appropriate, discreet & stylish in appearance. The wearer looks like they are wearing a scarf.

"The bib that doesn't look like a bib".