About us

I was inspired to create a line of age appropriate bibs for children by my disabled 10-year-old son Rex.

Rex was diagnosed with a debilitating genetic disorder - Mitochondrial Disease which has left him wheel chair bound & unable to feed himself or control his drooling.

Meal times could be extremely messy. Keeping Rex's chest dry & clothes clean became quite a challenge, not to mention his dignity. 

I commenced by making Rex his own age appropriate & stylish t-shirt, neckerchief & collared shirt. I soon had Rex's therapists requesting them for their clients.

Bibulous bibs are fashionable, classic & practical . A great option for children, teenagers & adults who feel self conscious about wearing bibs.

Designed to keep the chest dry & protect clothes. The absorbent & quick drying backing conceals drool & is comfortable to wear. Whilst the practical design makes it easy for the carer or wearer to put on & take off. I've chosen premium cottons & linens for the outer in colours to compliment most clothes. 

I am hoping that in my own small way I can help empower people who are differently-abled with confidence, independence & style.

For further information on Mitochondrial Disease & ways to help fund research to find a cure please visit  https://www.mito.org.au and sign the petition.

Rex & I have been fortunate enough to work with The Cerebral Palsy Alliance where you can learn more about our story.